The legacy of Barling craftsmanship goes all the way back into the 18th century. Aaron Barling was a goldsmith, his son John carried on the trade as a silversmith. It would be John’s son, Benjamin Barling, who would establish the business in the early 19th century. Although initially jewelers, Barling garnered a reputation for their work with silver fittings for pipes and other related accessories. Generations of Barlings would go on to establish the outfit as a renowned pipe brand, being one of the early stewards of the briar pipe and the English traditional shapes that have defined pipe design since briar came to prominence in the mid to late 19th century. 

Since the company was bought by a subsidiary of Imperial Tobacco in the 1960s, the production of Barling pipes has changed hands several times—in recent years it seems there was no production to speak of. However, the iconic brand has returned with fantastic pipes that pay tribute to the traditionalism and beauty of one of the most revered names in the story of tobacco pipes.