About Us

Cup O' Joes

Now a household name, Cup O' Joes was founded in 1996. That makes it one of the oldest and most venerable pipe and tobacco websites. It's also given the company a lot of time to perfect everything, from service - especially service - to product. If it's one thing Cup O' Joes knows well, it's how to find the best pipes and tobaccos and how to get them to you at the very best price. In the same time, Cup O' Joes has forged amazing relationships with pipe makers - relationships that go far beyond maker-to-retailer, and that have blossomed into friendships.

Queensbury Cigar & Pipe

QCP is the bricks-n-mortar version of Cup O' Joes, and it is proud to offer its patrons the largest cigar and pipe lounge in Upstate New York. It's kept the rustic Adirondack flavor but also been turned into the perfect place to enjoy a good bowl or cigar, and to accompany that with one of our signature Cup O’ Joes coffees. Along with the main lounge, it also boasts a beautifully appointed Montecristo Members Club. Hundreds of pipes are on display (and available for purchase, naturally), as is every tobacco, accessory, and cigar that Cup O' Joes carries.