Italian brand Toscano is best known for their "cheroots," fermented cigars that are made from American and Italian Dark-Fired Kentucky tobaccos. Now, in collaboration with Cornell & Diehl, Toscano presents the famously bold flavor of their cigars across the Maestro series of pipe tobacco blends. The three newly introduced blends in Toscano Maestro series are Allegro, Concerto, and Sinfonia Flake. Maestro Allegro features a ribbon-cut English blend with Dark-Fired leaf, Red Virginias, and smoky Latakia, offering bold and spicy flavors with hints of vanilla, caramel, and maple. Maestro Concerto, a ribbon-cut English blend, combines Dark-Fired leaf, Perique, and Latakia for a bold and spicy profile with robust, peppery notes. Maestro Sinfonia, a flake-cut English blend, features Dark-Fired leaf, stoved Red Virginias, and Latakia, delivering Toscano's signature bold and spicy taste with intense roasted notes and subtle tanginess.