Nording Eriksen Keystone Black Stem Black Grain Bowl Pipe

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5.5 - 6
Bowl Height:
2 - 2.5
1.5 - 2

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The stem and shank (bottom base) is made from hard nylon and comes in Black, White, Pistachio and Orange.
The bottom part has space for adding the Nørding Keystones.
Simply place 10 to 15 Keystone pellets into the spiral chamber, mount the pipe bowl and fill it with tobacco.
After smoking allow the pipe to cool down, empty the ashes from the pipe bowl and the used keystones from the spiral chamber.
The high-absorbing volcanic clay pellets will absorb excess condensation while you smoke and therefore gives you a better chance of smoking the entire load of tobacco, as there will be no wet tobacco in the bottom of the chamber.

 The bowl of the Eriksen Keystone pipe is made of genuine briar wood and is available in five different finishes - Black, Black rustic, Brown grain, Brown Rustic and Natural finish. The draught hole is in the centre of the bowl and not in the side as on traditional pipes.
The construction of the bottom base (shank and stem) combined with the keystones and placement of the draught hole ensures a cool and dry smoke. An O-ring around the bottom part ensures a perfect fit of the bowl. By using pellets no tobacco is wasted in the bottom of the pipe bowl. The keystone pipe is an extremely durable, fantastic smoking tool and ideal for people working outdoors or when walking the dog, hunting, fishing, golfing, boating … or simply when you just would like a quiet moment with your favorite pipe.

Pipe Details

Brand: Nording 
Model: Eriksen Keystone
Shape: Billiard
Length: 5.99 in.
Bowl Height: 2.16 in.
Outside Diameter: 1.41 in.
Chamber Depth: 1.43 in. 
Chamber Diameter: 0.63 in.
Weight: 1.6 oz.
Stem Material: Hard Nylon
Band Material: None
Filter: None

*Pipe measurements are approximate
**Pipe pictures are not of actual pipe you may receive.