Luigi Viprati 1-Clover Sitting Billiard 9mm Filter Pipe

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6 - 7
Bowl Height:
1.5 - 2
Outside Diameter:
1.5 - 2
Chamber Depth:
1.5 - 1.75
Chamber Diameter:
.8 -.85
1.5 - 2
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While this exceptionally grained Viprati pipe doesn't quite take on one specific shape, it does exude qualities of a Billiard, with the bowl heel laying flat for easy resting. The shank does have some line work on the sides, really only noticeable by feel. It's adorned with a blood red acrylic ferrule, & shortened black acrylic bit. This Viprati, unlike most, takes a 9mm filter. Stamped 1 Clover. Handmade in Italy.

Pipe Details

Shape: Billiard
Length: 6.03 in.
Bowl Height: 1.79 in.
Outside Diameter: 1.57 in.
Chamber Depth: 1.58 in.
Chamber Diameter: 0.80 in.
Weight: 1.90 oz.
Stem Material: Acrylic
Filter: Yes 9mm